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Gerry Anderson Shows

Gerry Anderson collectables based on your favorite characters

If there’s a man and a cult TV series made indestructible, it’s the one we love for protecting the Earth from interplanetary wars and the Mysterons. Gerry Anderson model products have captivated audiences for decades, just like Captain Scarlet’s legendary team and space rescue missions. Whatever your favorite part of their extraterrestrial adventures is, you can recreate it today with an extensive range of themed memorabilia offered by Fab Gear.

Though we may not question the powers of the Mysterons to distort space and time, we know these are not infinite. That’s why the creations displayed at Fab Gear’s Gerry Anderson store will always find a way into the hearts of fans, just as the stories enjoyed by generations of kids and adults. For Thunderbirds collectors, fans of Captain Scarlet and other Gerry Anderson productions, or anyone looking to start a collection, we are a treasure trove of iconic series-based items, such as:

  • Gerry Anderson diecast models

  • Thunderbirds vehicles and action figures

  • Light & Sound action toys

  • Gerry Anderson model kits and sets

  • Trading cards and vehicles

  • Patches, pins, magnets, and figurines

  • Movie books and DVDs

  • Comic books and coloring books

Realistic Gerry Anderson model products for the thrill of collecting

The convenience of having the pieces of your choice shipped to your home means that no act of retaliation by the Mysterons can take away from your joy of expanding your collection. From battery-powered and remote control Gerry Anderson toys for sale to highly detailed models for space and underwater rescue – we offer everything a Gerry Anderson fan needs to rekindle the fondest memories and the legendary space adventures.

Build your own International Rescue models or buy items that come pre-finished and ready to be enjoyed, with little to no assembly required. Shop FAB Gear for the coolest products to proudly display at home or protect the world should the Mysterons continue to take their revenge on the Earth.

For the true fans of the theme, we have books and DVDs featuring original artwork and everything series-related that has never made it to the screen. If you dare venture deeper, there’s much more to discover than just Gerry Anderson collectables to be placed on the shelf or featured in display cases. Fasten your seatbelt, and let’s start on the journey to the early days of production and the Anderson archives together!