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Star Blazers

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Start your space adventure with products inspired by Star Blazers for sale

With hundreds of English-translated anime today, it’s hard to believe that things were different in the 1970s. But it was Star Blazers that pioneered manga-style sci-fi in the USA. When the show hit the airwaves, fans were wildly excited about finding out if the Argo could really save the Earth. Following this cosmic frenzy and all-consuming interest in space battleships, all Star Blazers action figures and vessels were designed to mimic those in the show to fight the forces serving the Gamilon Empire.

If you’re a big anime fan, you can’t click past Star Blazers and the sequel series. Even if you’ve never watched the fabled classic show, going after vessels and action figures inspired by it can keep your anime interest burning, especially after the release of the new Space Battleship Yamato 2205. Whatever part is your favorite one, you can now get Star Blazers collectibles that let you experience the original space joy one more time!

We stand with all Yamato fans. Whether you’re looking for a battleship to resist the attack of the evil empire or Captain Harlock’s famous spacecraft, you can snag it here at Fab Gear.

Upgrade your Yamato battleship fleet with new Star Blazers toys 

No matter how you slice it, you need an extensive fleet of vessels for nail-biting space battles in the comfort of your home. You’re in luck because we have a slew of battleships designed to travel between galaxies. Scroll through all Star Blazers models, weapons, and other vessel features. 

If you get your thrills from watching Star Blazers, owning a super-cool retrofitted spaceship can add to your excitement. Some options like the Garmillas Space Cruiser are equipped with a display and numerous LEDs to make them more realistic and enjoyable. More advanced models like the GX-86 Space Battleship come with a remote controller, a set of miniature fighters, and other fun add-ons.

Are you ready to become a sailor in a sea of stars? Get aboard your vessel with Star Blazers collectibles! It’s your finest hour to lead the spaceship and protect the Earth from aliens.

Buy Star Blazers kits and vessels at Fab Gear

FAB Gear has been long amassing this collection to amaze you with an array of spaceships related to the Star Blazers franchise. We’ve handpicked all products you can find here to ensure you get collectibles recreated with utmost precision. Each space cruiser can become a wonderful addition to your collection and empower you to regain the unadulterated excitement of going on a space mission with the Argo crew.

Are you shopping for something that little ones are sure to love? Star Blazers model kits are great for adults and kids alike. The only requirement is determined by how passionate you’re about Star Blazers, the Argo, and space adventures.

Don’t wait until all battleships are gone. Limited-edition vessels are almost impossible to find, so hurry up to get aboard some of the rarest options!