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Star Trek

Star Trek toys model kits

Go where no man has gone before with Star Trek collectibles

While most TV series fall off the radar as time passes, some franchises, including Star Trek, have been doing well for 50+ years. With millions of fans, the original version of Star Trek from the 1960s deserves to be fully enjoyed with its sequels, too. Is your excitement building up as new releases are about to hit the big screen? Gear up for your next journey with Spock by getting mind-blowing Star Trek models for sale at FAB Gear.

Inspired by hi-tech inventions, Star Trek is one of the most future-oriented TV series. You can even share your passion for it with your kids if they’re blown away by sci-fi – just like you are. By plunging into the franchise universe together, you can create ‘space memories’ that you will want to cherish forever. And you don’t even need to travel through the cosmos to get original Star Trek models that look exactly like those legendary spaceships. 

What’s even more exciting is that you can buy theCaptain’s Chairto operate your vessel with the captain’s confidence and earn respect among your crew. Full speed ahead!

Star Trek model kits for sale to hop onto the USS Enterprise

You can’t watch Star Trek and have zero desire to find out how far the starship can go. Do you still want to discover that? With Star Trek plastic models for sale at Fab Gear, you can set out on your cross-universe journey with elaborate replicas of the original spaceships you’ve seen in the movies and TV series.

If you’re looking for the most epic, ready-for-flight model, go for USS Discovery. This starship is the best gift option for every Star Trek fan, regardless of age.

Those who love tinkering with their spaceships can choose from true-to-form Star Trek toys for sale to perform some assembly and painting tasks. There’s a complexity level next to each toy, which can help you get a better idea of what to expect while assembling your starship. Once done, you can start conquering outer space and navigating your vessel wherever you want – or just use it as an office desk keepsake.

Buy Star Trek toys to take pride in your collection

Now is the golden age of collecting memorabilia. You don’t even need to leave your home to do that. As the Star Trek franchise takes up a fair share of the FAB Gear display space, here you can shop for:

  • Enterprise and Klingon model kits

  • Photoetch sets

  • Themed bottle openers and other accessories

High-quality paintwork, detailing, and premium materials are blended to create lifelike collectibles that make you believe they’ve come right from the TV screen. These pieces should have pride of place on your treasure shelf.

FAB Gear isn’t limited only to vintage Star Trek toys for sale. If you’re searching for models devoted to Star Trek Beyond and other franchise movies, you can find them here, too. All Spock fans and space adventure daredevils, rejoice!