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Sci-Fi Toys & Collectibles from around the world

Shop for Classic Sci-Fi Collectibles including Thunderbirds Toys, Lost in Space, Star Trek Toys & more.

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Bring the thrills back with sci-fi memorabilia

If you are a sci-fi addict and have a soft spot for fantasy-themed TV shows and movies like Star Wars, you may be disappointed not to come at the flying suits and rocket belts promised in the 1950s. But you can get your hands on sci-fi toys and collectibles to experience outer space adventures and gain superpowers. Combined with your vivid imagination, they will take you to the worlds you are keen to discover.

Don’t get upset if Hollywood auctions are too expensive to participate in. You can get everything you’re craving at FAB Gear, a collectibles store that caters to a broader range of ages and interests. Whether you’re enthusiastic about Speed Racer cars, Star Trek starships, or the Batmobile, we’ve got you covered.

FAB Gear is a sci-fi store with an impressive collection of stuff devoted to Gerry Anderson’s shows and Irwin Allen’s fantasy worlds. Here you can also find tons of collectibles inspired by other movie franchises.

Expand your collection with action-inspired and vintage toys for sale

It’s common knowledge that the best age for science fiction is twelve. But who said you can ever outgrow fun and the moon-eyed wonder? The spirit of adventure doesn’t have an expiry date, so you can stop by the FAB Gear collectibles shop at any age.

Exploring bizarre planets is easy when you have a powerful ray gun. Or you can arm yourself with a sonic screwdriver to save the world just like the Doctor did. These and other fun toys are all here!

If you’ve ever dreamed of stepping into the shoes of your favorite sci-fi engineer, roll up your sleeves and start your DIY project. Shop for phototech kits to replicate the key parts of the starship, and you’re good to go!

Chock-full of limited edition toys, prop replicas, and model kits, FAB Gear is nothing but a treasure trove of the most coveted collectibles from various brands, including:

  • ParaGrafix
  • Bandai
  • Eaglemoss
  • Outer Portals
  • Johnny Lightning
  • Vivid Imaginations

Cars and action figures are the most popular items of sci-fi memorabilia as they allow you to bring life to iconic screen performances up close and personal. But you can also diversify your collection with patches, pins, and model kits.

Looking for specific figurines or toys to expand your collection? Scroll through our selection to find something truly unique and exciting.

Find unbeatable gifts at FAB Gear vintage toy store

If you are searching for a gift worthy of a sci-fi enthusiast, come to FAB Gear. We constantly update our selections with new toys and collectibles to ensure every fan can get their dream items.

If your birthday cutie wants something from the far-away galaxy or Gotham City, we have many pieces to fuel their sense of wonder. You can either fill your cart with everything they may like or get a gift certificate to stay on the safe side. Whatever part of the world you live in, you can have your collectibles delivered right to your doorstep.