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Lost in Space

lost in space

Lost in Space toys and collectibles for new and old admirers 

It’s been more than 50 years since the Master of Disaster – Irwin Allen – created the Lost in Space TV series we all love. Back in the day, it shook up the sci-fi world and offered those suffocated by boring movies something new to observe beyond Earth’s border. Are you still as venturesome as the Robinsons? Then follow the adventures of the reckless space colonists and ride the emotional rollercoaster with them. To fuel your imagination for the upcoming space expedition, check out a range of Lost in Space collectibles for sale at FAB Gear.

Are you a fan of the original show running for three seasons in the 60s, the full-length movie, or the modern Netflix series? Whatever you love most about it, our Lost in Space toys for sale are here to pique your interest in outer space and sci-fi. As devoted fans of Irwin Allen, we’ve created a place where every Lost in Space enthusiast can find something to their liking.

Priceless Lost in Space memorabilia for sale 

How old were you when you discovered the world of science fiction? Do you have a favorite character in Lost in Space that you would like to get as a toy? When you first saw the Jupiter 2 spaceship and human-like Robot B9, did they blow your mind to the point where you would do anything you could to have them in your room?

At FAB Gear, we share your passion and want your dreams to come true. Now, we have lifelike model kits of the most sought-after memorabilia inspired by Irwin Allen’s series, including the villain’s spacecraft Derelict, B9, and even the Space Pod. 

Along with Lost in Space plastic model kits, you can shop for:

  • Artworks

  • Calendars

  • Posters devoted to the fantasy worlds created by Irwin Allen

Lost in Space is an iconic series that will never lose its popularity. There are more and more fans who dare to follow the Robinsons as new versions of the classic TV series appear. We put an extra effort into updating our selection of Lost in Space toys and collectibles so that every fan can explore outer space with what they like most about this series.

Lost in Space vintage toys and limited editions

You just can’t present a better gift for a sci-fi fan than memorabilia dedicated to their favorite series. So, go into the depths of FAB Gear to snatch valuable vintage collectibles that can make great gift options.

We adore Lost in Space 1960s toys and limited-edition pieces like this Robot License Plate with the famous phrase, “DANGER, Will Robinson!” There are as few as 1,000 copies, and you can now own one or two.

Sending a gift that takes you back to where the Robinsons once wandered feels special. Fortunately, worldwide shipping is available for all toys and collectibles. Why would we limit our shipping options when the space colonists from Lost in Space fearlessly flew beyond the limits?